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Scent and art.

In all human senses, the sense of smell is the most sensitive, and it is also the sense that has the closest connection with memory and emotion. Scientifically, everyone can remember ten thousand kinds of tastes, and the accuracy of olfactory memory is twice as high as that of sight. Every day, we all live in taste and appreciate the great influence that taste placed on emotions, memories, emotions, and behavior.

Today we are going to look at a film about scent: “Perfume

The film was based on the 1985 best-selling novel "Perfume - A Murderer's Story" , written by the German writer Suskind.


Grenouille was abandoned by his mother just after birth, but he had an amazing talent for odors. He could easily distinguish all kinds of smells.

As he grew up, he met Balti, a perfumer, and dreamed of learning how to preserve the scent of everything. Then he went to the perfume capital Grasse.

In Grasse, Grenoble fell in love with the scent of young girls. In order to preserve this scent, Grenouille killed the young girl unconsciously and found he could save the scent of the dead. Finally Grenouille became a killer.


This is a work with a very thorough understanding of humanity, society, reason and sensibility. On the one hand, desire kills people's inherent innocence. On the other hand, it stimulates the human's passion to survival and upward.






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