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Car aromatherapy

The role of car aromatherapy: car aromatherapy is the use of natural evaporative fumigation method, the plant essential oil to join Seiko made crystal car aromatherapy bottle, inserted into the cigarette lighter, so that it slowly spread naturally in the car, in order to achieve the aromatic environment , Deodorant sterilization and refreshing purpose.

How to choose a car aromatherapy: Aromatherapy car prices vary widely, as the saying goes, lay watch for fun, experts watch the door. The choice of car incense door is: a look at the packaging, smell the second smell.


Brand car aromatherapy, packaging more stress, whether it is material or printing process quality is better, exquisite workmanship; and poor quality car aromatherapy is the opposite. Of course, there are some inferior products, packaging is also very beautiful, so smell, is the key means of identification. Low-quality car aromatherapy due to the use of chemical raw materials, coupled with inaccurate formula, so most of the strong smell of red nose, or boring; and brand car aromatherapy use of natural raw materials, and the use of precise formula, so the flavor and Strict matching type of scent, light type of certain fresh and pleasant, fragrant type of alcohol rather than strong. The difference between the two, and then smell, see legislation level.

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