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Extraction process

Spice is a substance that can smell and smell flavors, and is a raw material used to make flavors. Botanical natural flavors, also known as essential oils, are mixtures of volatile aromatic components extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots and fruits of plants, or leaves, wood, bark and roots of trees.

Spice has a long history of development. From the time of the Shennong in the Yellow Emperor, people collected the bark, and the grass roots started their quarantine as a medical product. Now it has 5,000 years of history. At first, people used these scented substances as blessings, purifying their body and mind, and also used sacrificial sacrifices and funeral purposes, and gradually used them for eating, decoration and beauty.


Around the 8th and 10th centuries, it was known that the spice was separated by distillation. The first ethanol-derived perfume, Eaudela Reimed Hongarie, appeared in 1370 and was initially distilled from rosemary and later gradually from plants such as lavender.

Since 1420, the use of serpentine condensers in distillation has led to the rapid development of essential oils. Grasse, France, has become a world-renowned production base of natural fragrances, especially fragrant flowers, for its production of flower oil and perfume.

Since then, distilled water has been gradually used in all parts of the country to extract essential oils. At the same time, essential oils have been extracted from the flowers, fruits and leaves of citrus trees. This has led to the epoch-making progress of the conversion of spice plant solids to liquids and the extraction of essential oils from plants. After the 18th century, due to the development of organic chemistry, great progress has been made in the extraction of natural spice, composition analysis and so on. With the continuous expansion of the scope of application of natural spices, the rapid development of spices industry, natural spices extraction technology has also been continuously improved.

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