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Fragrance Valentine's Day

Nowadays it has become a vision-driven society, but it is an unconscious part of the senses that are always forgotten by humankind. It is the sense of smell. It is an important compass for Eros. Each one of us has a unique scent, just like our fingerprints. In theory, it is this unique taste on the skin that determines whether we are attracted to each other, and all of this is unconsciously determined.

On such an important day as Valentine's Day, we need to make every effort to create an atmosphere of mutual satisfaction and proper Pheromone. So the fragrance creates a great deal of space for us to use our fragrances as much as we want to enhance our own scent and to add gravity to ourselves. When your charm increases, it's not just about your smell, but you're more confident. 


Research shows that when men love their fragrance, he is more confident and adds more attractive gestures and body language. And 90% of women said they would be more confident when they spray perfume than they do not use perfumes. This may be the reason why 78% of Asian women said the fragrance is a very necessary step for their overall shape.

On this special day, Crearoma Fragrance can provide you with exclusive plot creations as well as custom unique scented confession spaces to keep your other half in memory of this eternal and aesthetic moment.

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