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Olfactory marketing

      Olfactory marketing refers to scent marketing.The sense of smell is the most sensitive in all human senses, and it's the closest sense contact with the memory and emotion. Science has proven that everyone's nose can remember 10,000 flavors, and olfactory memory is twice as accurate as vision. We live in the smell everyday and experience the significant impact of smell on feelings, memories, emotions, and behavior. It may be as old as public praise, and even more historic.


        In 2002, Coca-Cola launched Lemon Coke in Shanghai. It puts a spice into a machine with automatic sensing function and places it in the bus stop. When people passes by, the taste sensor will spray the fragrance automatically, which is reported by major newspapers. McDonald's also adopted this form of advertising in Beijing later. At breakfast time, once someone approaches the billboard of the bus shelter, the billboard will play the sound advertisement of McDonald's breakfast and scent automatically.

On December 5, 2006, the California Milk Processing Committee issued a Drinking Milk? advertisement at a specific bus shelter in San Francisco, which can give the passerby a scent of freshly baked chocolate biscuits. The special scented grease is applied to the mezzanine of the shelter and the scent is close to 100% true.

Regardless of whether your company's brand is a established or mature brand, through the analysis of the role of consumer sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch, it will truly and comprehensively understand the consumer's thoughts, feelings, purchasing motivation, needs and desires, thus the company's understanding of customers' thoughts and behavior will be completely subverted and the company future will be changed.

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