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Plant essential oils

The aroma of plant essential oils, full of the magical energy of nature, when the essential oil molecules spread in the air, the unique aroma can directly affect our emotions, some essential oils can make us feel good, and some can make us relax ...

For the fragrance of essential oils characteristics, what are the easy ways to use it in life? How to use essential oils, can add a touch of color to our life? Now share with you a simple way to use essential oils.


Aromatic oil business card use method

Do not underestimate the name card Oh, in the occupation, everyone's first impression of you often have originated in the card you handed it.

A small business card represents the image of individuals and companies, how to give others a beautiful deep impression it? The answer is plant essential oil, choose one of your favorite plant essential oils, 2,3 drops into the card holder can! Each time you hand out a business card, you have the fresh smell of nature. Recommended oil: sweet orange oil, lemon oil, bergamot essential oil.

Aromatic drawer for use of essential oils

Drawer is the place where we often piled up some small objects, the 2, 3 drops of plant essential oil drops in the cotton sheet into the drawer, you can in a period of time, each opening is a burst of fragrance, the pure essential oil drops in the drawer The benefit is to prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent moth-eaten! Recommended Essential Oils: Lavender, Lemon, Geranium.

Essential oils use the charm of body incense

If you walk down the road and find someone wearing exactly the same clothes, will be very embarrassed? So perfume "Zhuangshan" will be even more helpless. Dispense only one's own unique flavor, in each dosage of body milk by adding 1,2 drops of favorite plant essential oils, mix evenly to the skin can be recommended essential oils: orange oil, orange blossom oil, jasmine oil, rose essential oil.

Aromatic shoe usage of essential oils

Smell fresh but also has the bactericidal effect of the oil is particularly suitable for use in the shoe, the drops of 3,5 drops of plant essential oil on the cotton, placed in the shoe or into the shoes, you can keep the shoe smell fresh, but also Can be pest control.

Essential oil usage warm bedroom

Before going to bed at bedtime, prepare a cup of boiling water in bed, drip 2, 3 drops of plant essential oil, the aroma of essential oils will spread with water vapor in the bedroom room, on the one hand to create a warm atmosphere, on the other hand can relieve emotions , The effect of regulating sleep, if it is due to the recent stress caused by insomnia, you can try fresh and elegant chamomile essential oils, can relax and relieve mental stress effect. Recommended essential oils for bedroom use: Lavender essential oil, neroli essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, rose essential oil are recommended.

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