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Foreign odor experts have always believed that the nose is one of the most sensitive organs of human beings, and it is the most closely organ with memory and emotion. The use of smell is the most effective way to achieve customer perception.For the hotel, it is a clever marketing method to promote customer's positive emotion and behavior by using the pleasant scents.


In fact, people's sense of smell is far more acute and lasting than we think, it shows that the visual memory of photographs will be reduced to lower 50% in three months. But even after a year, the memory of the smell can also reach 64%.In the sense of smell of the hotel lobby, the customer can recall the pleasure of staying in the hotel, and transform the identity of a particular scent to the hotel brand. This type of marketing model based on the sense of smell, in foreign hotel,this has become a business consensus.



In fact, with different scents to capture the customer's sense of smell, it is not a high-end business hotel marketing patent, different types hotels are also trying to establish adaptive and suitable scents for their own brands.For example, the hot springs hotel usually choose the flowers scents because they are more suitable for relaxing, the holiday hotel requires customers to have the leisure experience like the feeling at home, so the warm fruits scents is the first choice for them, but for the business type hotel, there are lots of big meetings. In a limited space, the fresh scents are the most suitable smell.


Regardless of the type of hotel type, as long as it has its clear brand and target customers, the choice of scents is no longer a difficult thing.

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