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The power of scent marketing:Empowering businesses, enhancing brands

Online ads appeal to the sense of sight. Printed flyers appeal to the sense of touch. Radio advertisements appeal to the sense of sound. Free food samples appeal to the sense of taste. A business may appeal to any combination of these senses in order to earn a consumers business, but theres one sense many marketers are missing: smell.


Smell has a profound effect on our memories and emotions. The smell of a burning fire may remind a person of a past camping trip. The scent of lavender may calm a person after a long day. Is it far-fetched to say that certain scents may influence the buying habits of consumers? Not at all. In fact, the idea is called scent marketing and it has been around for years.


As many professionals will tell you, the key to great marketing is to trigger an emotion. Scent marketing does this on a neurological level, even when the consumer is not consciously aware of the scent. Thats because olfactory receptor cells, which are directly linked to the limbic system, receive smells. The limbic system is the emotional part of our brain, so to speak. It influences mood, memory, and behavior. That means what we smell directly affects how we feel and what we do.


Its easy to see how this powerful effect on the brain could make scent marketing a great tool for businesses. In fact, real estate agents have been using this technique for ages. When showing a house, agents will often bake cookies and let the smell fill the air. It comforts the potential buyers and helps them imagine living ideal lives in the home.


When employed by other businesses, scent marketing may be used in subtler ways. While the consumer is probably acutely aware of the scent of fresh cookies in a home, a hint of vanilla inside a clothing boutique may be less noticeable and equally effective.


Research from the University of California, Irvine has shown that scents used by retailers can often increase sales, sometimes doubling them. But theres no one smell that works for all retailers. Context is key. Brands should think about their target audience when designing the perfect scent.


Crearoma are specialist providers of scenting solutions to retail, hospitality, business, and commercial environments. Not only does scenting create a fresh and positive atmosphere, but it has also been scientifically proven to increase brand loyalty, awareness and customer engagement. Speak to us today and discover how Aroma Crearoma can take your brand experience to the next level. Thats the real meaning of Creative Aroma, Healthy Life.

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